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It’s time to launch your direct primary care practice and Freedom Healthworks wants to help. We built this Practice Launch Guide to help you learn what to do and how to do it. Organize your thoughts, information, and vision for your independent practice using the Freedom DPC Academy.

What You’ll Learn

Freedom Healthworks helps physician start, grow, and operate their own, independent direct primary care practices. The Freedom DPC Academy will teach you the fundamentals of starting your practice. For those who want assistance launching, we help our clients with these functions and more.


Company Formation

Starting a new company can be confusing, complex, and expensive. Our team helps you create your legal entity and secure your EIN.

Brand Identity

Your branding is important and needs to provide a fluid experience for your patients. We help design everything you’ll need.

Web Design

Modern physicians need modern websites. Your digital assets are all connected so providing a seamless experience is crucial.

Business Strategy

Prospects and new patients rarely just show up at your door. Strategies for running your practice and bringing patients in are needed to make sure you thrive.

Operational Data

The best way to know if you’re providing excellent care and a great experience is to measure it. We’ll help you pick the right systems in order to avoid headaches later.

Digital Performance

 Spreading the word is crucial. Just like your website, having a handle on your online reviews, social media, and digital presence means more people see your practice.

The freedom difference

We are firmly on the side of the physician. The more doctors we can help launch into DPC, the better. We don’t negotiate with our clients or ask that they discount their services. We fight hard to make sure you’re valued and that you’re happy in your new DPC practice.

Our clients come first

We continue to help pioneering physicians start their direct primary care journey. This is our passion and your success is our success.

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